"Listen to me….I know this hurts. I know that you want me there with you. But listen to me…this is temporary. THIS. IS. TEMPORARY. You want to know what is forever? You and me. We are forever. And we are going to spend forever in each others arms. I’m going to hold you forever. I’m going to kiss your lips. We are going to make babies and watch them grow. Forever. You hear me? Because our love is bigger than this computer screen."
- Vincent Duminy (via 87yearswillbeouralways)


cool tips for having fun during october:

  • dont post screamers
  • dont post popups
  • dont post anything that could cause panic/anxiety attacks
  • dont be a dick

At least tag it please 

I have the tag ‘scary’ blocked, so please please please if you’re going to post popups or scary pictures please tag them. 

I get scared easily and while it hasn’t ever set off my anxiety it still causes problems for me like not being able to sleep, or be in the dark alone. And I cry. 

(via scaryswifts)